About Us

Since 1991 Formation Homes has been a trusted local business building practical, affordable and quality homes in Albany, Western Australia. Established by Phil & Joy Smith, Formation Homes is backed by a team of quality, skilled tradespeople many of whom have been with Formation Homes throughout its entire 25 years of success. Phil & Joy also attribute Formation Homes' success to their numerous repeat clients who've returned again and again for a guaranteed quality home.

In June 2016 Formation Homes became part of another Albany based building company - Pocock Building Company, as Phil & Joy made the decision to retire for health reasons. Phil explained, "We were looking for a builder who really appreciates the business, understands how to operate it properly and is keen and capable of developing its future potential". For these reasons, Phil & Joy Smith felt Pocock Building Company was the only choice to continue building practical, affordable and quality Formation Homes.

"Pocock Building Company and Formation Homes already have so much in common. We share key principles including commitment to quality and putting our clients first. It just made sense for Formation Homes to become part of PBC," said Matt Pocock, founder and Managing Director of Pocock Building Company.

Formation Homes is now operating as a division of Pocock Building Company where it continues to offer its proven plans and quality homes.

L-R Jenn Pocock, Matt Pocock, Joy Smith & Phil Smith